"Our kids grow up so fast. Don't let these memories slip away."

Gabriel S.

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this time with your kids is so important

We are constantly changing, so do our kids. Thinking about those moments you wish you can seize it forever. Maybe a sunny breakfast time with grandpa; a rewarding but chaos playing time; or a oops - messy moment. As a family photographer having my own kid, I fully understand how important it is to make it a natural, loving and relaxing photo session with our loving moms in it too. Your mind might get blurry with time but the photos will always be there to embrace you with all these precious life memories.

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this time with your kids is so important

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Hi, I’m Tifa. I am a family photographer based in Chicago. I have trained designer’s eyes and specialized in lifestyle family photography.

I got into family photography after I had my baby girl Jona two years ago. I’m very inspired by day-to-day little moments, and those sweet details of everyday life captured in lifestyle photos touched my heart dearly. I found my passion to help many families to capture emotive moments, and create memorable images as tangible forms that families can hold onto.

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